The Sleeping Prince


The above image is the design logo I created for my story title back in 2012, a red heart over the letter I in the word sleeping and a yellow crown over the letter P in the word prince.

Written by: Daniel Carmona
© 2012 DC

Once upon a time there was a prince, by the name of Logan. As a child he gave to others only to find out that so many of the children were after one thing, to gain anything of value from him because he was the prince.

As the prince got older, he had hoped that by the age of adolescence most of these kids would change and see their ways. To his disappointment it never happened. Again as an adult he had hoped that at least one of them would have matured to learn that the stuff they wanted were material things to replace emptiness inside them; they could not fill with things of value, like gold. What their hearts lacked was love, but again it never happened.

Till one day he got an idea, to disguise his handsome young face, with a black mask he covered his eyes, and wore black robes. Out he went on a search to test and find a man in his kingdom to be his king. He was unsuccessful because what these men lacked was love. On The day before his twenty-fifth birthday, which would be the day he was to accept the crown to become king. His dirty-blonde haired friend Novak convinced Logan to give up his crown as future king, in exchange for his everlasting love. Only to find out that Novak had a disguise of his own, he, unlike Logan was really looking for a princess to be future queen.

The next day while the servants went back and forth inside the castle gathering and preparing what was needed for the celebration. Prince Logan decided to sneak out, with his black mask and robes; he walked through the halls down the stairs passing several people who gave him odd looks. He walked for what seemed like hours, not sure where he was going or what he was looking for, but came upon a forest. Feeling lonely in his ordeal, he rested on a rock, and noticed a shiny bronze hour-glass necklace. He put it on and flipped it over, watching the sand pouring down. As he got up to go back to the castle, the timer had ended and out of thin air, in a whirl-wind of silver dust, appeared before him floating in midair, a jester. He had a wolf mask over his face, and the lower torso of an orange-mermaid fish tail. In his left hand he held a staff which looked like a claw holding a red heart.

Logan gazed at him in shock and bewilderment. When he asked who might you be?

I am the jester of time; I guide those when guiding is needed. Unlike a genie I can grant you four wishes, your hopes have been dashed, and in your heartache, my prince I will grant you four wishes.

The prince thought for a second, in a moment of desperation, he said.

“I wish to sleep forever.”

With a swirl of his staff in front of Logan appeared a bottle.

“Here is your wish, the potion of eternal sleep, from this day on you will be known as The Sleeping Prince.”

He grabbed it and drank it as if dying of thirst. Leaving only one drop of the potion, he then realized he had made a mistake. What would his future be like, but he could not take his first wish back. The jester was unable to undo wishes, because words like many things in life could not be taken back once they were said. But the prince was clever and said.

“I wish that only a man with true love in his heart may wake me up, with a simple kiss. That person I will award my crown, and he will be my king and I his prince.”

A second bottle with a red-winged heart engraved on it appeared, and he drank the potion of true loves kiss.

“My third wish is to never age until that day comes, so I can then enjoy my life”.

Thus a third bottle appeared, and he felt younger as he drank from the potion of eternal youth.

“My last wish is to test the intentions of those who try to find me.”

At last, a fourth bottle appeared and He drank the potion of protection. Within seconds out of the bottle came out six ghost-like animals. A white bird, a brown bear, a silver wolf, and three orange tigers, the animals went to different parts of the forest. At the top of the mountain cliff nearby, a white tower appeared. He was now getting tired and sleepy, as his whole body started to pull apart into white light, before disappearing and reappearing inside the tower. Here he saw a bed; he dropped the four bottles before lying on the bed and falling asleep.

Thirty-two years flew by, with no sign of a hero to wake up this prince. Till one day a man with light-brown hair, and rugged good-looks by the name of Drexel, came across this forest looking for water. Drexel did not know it yet, but he was walking around a king without a crown. Walking into the forest he stumbled upon a cage, containing very rare type of a white colored bird. He thought about the fortune he could make. After seeing the bird struggle helplessly, the man felt sorry, so he set it free. Anyone who bought it from him would just put it back into a cage, and animals were meant to be free. The bird flew happily and sat on his left arm; Drexel smiled, seeing the bird open its wings thinking it would fly away.

“Go on, fly away, and be free.”

He nudged the bird a bit trying to make it fly away, but instead it flew and sat on his shoulder and started tweeting. So Drexel kept walking and started whistling along. On the ground in his path, appeared a road of stairs leading to the top of the mountain, he followed it to where it ended coming to halt before what looked like a lake. There was no way to reach the other side as it was a huge distance. He walked close and drank some water, when he heard the moan of a bear that seemed to be stuck between two trees. He thought for a second, and did not want to cross the river as his clothes would get wet, and it was now dawning. So he decided he couldn’t help the poor bear. After walking away, he could not get the bear’s moan out of his head. So he took off his clothes and his red cape, while carrying his sword on his back he swam to the end of the lake. He noticed the bird flying across the lake with ease, finally landing on a tree branch the bird stared in direct eye contact at him swimming. Drexel simply gave a sigh, because he had no wings. Once getting out of the water, he took hold of the sword, and slowly approached the bear. He then swung at one tree, striking it as hard as he could several times. The bear was released;and gave out a huge roar!! which caused Drexel to stumble backwards. The bear then stared at him laying on the floor, before walking away. As Drexel got up, the bird landed on his right shoulder, and stayed there as he swam back across the lake. While half way trough the lake, the forest floor trembled as he noticed new stairs, on the ground before him. The moon now slowly appearing in the night sky, as he wondered up the stairs.

Drexel then came across a silver wolf, the wolf howled at the moon in the night sky. He sensed sadness in the wolf’s howl. But a wolf could not tell him in words what was wrong, something that he had taken for granted in years past. With the ability to speak, unlike the wolf, he could tell someone he loved them but never did. He slowly came closer to the wolf but the wolf gave an angry look, he sat down and waited to see if it would come to him, in the meantime he built a small fire and rested for a bit. He decided to howl along with the wolf and it came closer, He patted the wolf, till it slowly fell asleep. At that moment it dawned on Drexel that he was getting older, having worked most of his life; he had never taken the time to find the prince or princess he had hoped to find one day. Behind him he heard the ground move and the path of stairs had extended.

The bird pecked at Drexel’s neck as if saying we need to move on. He fallowed the path that kept extending, eventually turning into a beautiful long marble bridge which led to the white tower. Finally reaching the towers entrance, just eight feet away, he saw three tiger statuettes, at both sides of the entrance and one in front of it. Only the tiger at the front came to life roaring angrily at him as it ran towards him, He took his sword out. Drexel swung the sword sideways, when the tiger stood up on its two feet biting down at the center of the sword, with one paw on each end, now both pushing forward on it. Drexel strongly pushed as hard as he could trying to fight him off, when he noticed the tiger’s legs were on fire, in seconds half its body was burning so bright, lighting up the forest as if it were day.

Drexel pushed forward struggling to fight him off but every minute that passed he felt weaker and weaker. He noticed his reflection on the sword as the moonlight shown on his face; he saw himself aging rapidly second after second as his hair slowly went from light-brown hair to silver gray.

He now knew to fight this tiger meant he’d have to die. He was running out of time, each second that he breathed heavily, the tiger got stronger, and the sword got hotter to hold onto. Why was this tiger so angry, he thought quickly, till finally it hit him the way a comet hits a planet. It’s in the nature of a tiger to be fearless, so the man decided as stubborn as the tiger was that he’d back away, he let go of the sword and fell backwards. He then felt his strength and his youthfulness coming back. The tiger still holding the sword in its mouth dropped it, gave out a huge ROAR!!! Drexel got up, picked up the sword and took a look at his reflection, he was back to normal but his hair remained silver just like the moon, a scar from making a choice right before death.

The tiger then turned back into stone, Drexel walked to the towers entrance as it slowly opened, walking deeper to a second door, entering to see a room with a sleeping prince.

Drexel walked up to The Sleeping Prince, even with the mask he recognized who it was, happy to see him, he said to himself.


Drexel was 10 years old when Logan had been betrayed by Novak. On the side of the bed where Logan slept, was a long bench. He held his hand and tried to wake him up, confused as to why he wouldn’t wake up, he looked around the floor and picked up the potion of eternal sleep. He drank the last drop. It had a sweet taste; feeling exhausted he sat down on the bench and rested his head on Logan’s chest with one arm around his waist till finally falling asleep.

Drexel slept for several days, in those several days he walked around dreams where he saw years past of Logan’s life. Dream after dream Drexel started to fall even more in love with Logan. He was sad to find out that when he tried to hug Logan he was unable to alter anything. Logan could not see nor hear him, Drexel’s heart was left yearning in a dream, he sang to him in hopes of getting his attention the way that birds sing to their mates. The last day of these dreams he walked into the castle to see Novak and Logan. While Logan looked at himself in the mirror trying on the king’s crown, Novak said to him.

“You’re much too short to be king, I can be a better king to this kingdom then you will ever be, give me the crown and I promise to show you true love.”

Drexel saw how happy Logan seemed at this, as he handed Novak the crown. Later that day he also overheard Novak boasting about how gullible Logan was and how easy it was to control someone who had a yearning for true love. Drexel felt an even deeper love for Logan and at the same time felt anger towards Novak. He followed Logan the next day into the forest. He heard noise coming from behind him, but too eager to see why Logan was sleeping, he did not turn around to see who else was there on that day.

“The second bottle will allow a person with true love in their heart; to break the spell from your eternal sleep, your eternal mistake. Simply by giving you a true loves kiss. This is the only way to destroy the spell from the first bottle and that person will be awarded your crown.”

In a sudden moment Drexel woke up with a headache. Coming to the realization that he had been dreaming and seeing what was stored in Logan’s memory. The white bird flew in excitement, Drexel might be the one.  A few moments later Drexel heard a voice singing to him from the halls.

“Here he sleeps, here he’s lain, and the days are turning into years.”

“There’s no time to waste.”

“Give him your hand; Give him your love, and a true loves kiss.”

“There’s something lying in your heart, other men don’t have.”

“Bring back Logan’s crown.”

“Kiss the prince.”

“You might just be the one.”

Wanting to kiss Logan then and there, hoping he could break the spell, Drexel sang.

“Love lies dormant in his heart”

“I’ll bring back his crown.”

“I will kiss the prince.”

“I will be the one.”

Drexel then proceeded to walk out the towers entrance now filled with light. Back in the kingdom, a guard who had been looking up at the tower, rushed to see Novak. In shock that someone had managed to enter the castle. Previous princes and princesses, messengers and guards, peasants and servants, had all tried many years ago to enter the tower, but many failed and the few who got to the tigers never came back.

“King Novak!” said the guard.

“Someone has entered the tower!”

Even though many people tried to reach the white tower, and failed, there was only one other person who had ever entered it before Drexel.

To be continued…..

© 2012 DC

To the reader, thank you very much for reading the introduction to the book “The Sleeping Prince”. I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read it. I am currently still working on the rest of this book, the full story will remain sleeping for a while, but for any future updates of when it’s done and awake, like “The Sleeping Prince” on Facebook. Thank you for your support.



98 thoughts on “The Sleeping Prince

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    —Reminding us of the value of true love…..and our constant search for companionship— we can see in this tale, how mother nature and wild animals parallel our experience with this search for a love that will last.

    The author is sensitive and intuitive — and is able to help us understand that love, friendship and challenges remain consistent in nature and in real, every day like. We learn to open our eyes and see the excitment of love and challenges that exists right before our very eyes. If only we can open our eyes from our dream state and see before us.

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